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XQC Crypto Holdings & Net Worth: A Deep Dive

By Rob - Cryptocurrency Copywriter

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, a Canadian streamer and former professional Overwatch player, has solidified his position as one of the most influential figures on Twitch. Known for his energetic and often controversial streaming style, xQc has amassed an estimated net worth between $50 million and $100 million as of 2024 (CoinCodex) (Watcher Guru). But beyond his streaming prowess, xQc has ventured into the volatile world of cryptocurrency, making headlines for his investments and gambling activities with digital assets.

xQc’s Cryptocurrency Holdings

While xQc has not publicly disclosed the exact amount of cryptocurrency he holds, it is known that he has made significant investments in various digital currencies. His engagement with crypto includes both investments and high-stakes gambling. He has been seen gambling on crypto casinos such as Stake and Roobet, where he has reportedly won substantial amounts of money. These platforms allow users to gamble with cryptocurrencies, adding another layer of complexity to his financial portfolio (CoinCodex) (Wikipedia).

Public Mentions of Cryptocurrency

xQc has frequently mentioned cryptocurrencies on his streams, often discussing his wins and losses in a candid manner. His involvement with crypto gambling came into the spotlight when he signed a historic deal with the streaming platform Kick in June 2023. Kick, backed by Stake, secured xQc for a reported $100 million over two years, marking one of the largest streaming contracts ever. This deal highlights his significant influence in both the streaming and crypto communities (Watcher Guru) (Wikipedia).

Gambling with Crypto

xQc’s gambling activities with cryptocurrencies have raised eyebrows, particularly due to the high-risk nature of such ventures. He has shared moments on stream where he has won large sums, as well as instances where he has faced substantial losses. This transparency has contributed to his controversial reputation but also underlines his influence in the digital gambling sphere (CoinCodex) (Watcher Guru).

Impact on His Net Worth

The fluctuating nature of the cryptocurrency market means that xQc’s net worth can vary significantly based on his crypto investments and gambling outcomes. Despite the inherent risks, his involvement in cryptocurrency has likely played a role in boosting his overall wealth. His diversified income streams, from Twitch subscriptions and YouTube revenue to sponsorship deals and merchandise sales, are complemented by his crypto ventures, creating a robust financial portfolio (CoinCodex) (Watcher Guru).


xQc’s foray into cryptocurrency is a testament to his dynamic approach to income generation, blending traditional streaming revenue with modern digital investments. His willingness to engage openly with high-risk crypto gambling further cements his reputation as a bold and influential figure in the streaming world. As cryptocurrencies continue to evolve, xQc’s activities in this space will likely remain a topic of interest for both his fans and the broader financial community.

For more insights into xQc’s financial ventures and streaming career, keep an eye on updates from sources like CoinCodex and Watcher Guru.

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