When Will Bitcoin Reach $100,000? Insights and Predictions

By Rob - Cryptocurrency Copywriter

Bitcoin’s journey to $100,000 has been a hot topic among investors and analysts. With its recent performance and upcoming catalysts, many believe this milestone is within reach.

Historically, Bitcoin halvings have significantly impacted its price. The next halving, scheduled for April 2024, will reduce the mining reward, tightening supply and potentially driving prices up. Additionally, the approval of Bitcoin ETFs has already boosted institutional investment, further supporting bullish sentiments (Cointelegraph) (CoinDesk).

Bitcoin’s performance has consistently shown significant post-halving gains. For instance, after the 2016 halving, Bitcoin surged from $650 to nearly $20,000 in just 18 months. Similarly, following the 2020 halving, the price jumped from $8,600 to over $64,000 within a year. These patterns suggest a strong potential for substantial price increases following the 2024 halving (CoinMarketCap) (ETF & Mutual Fund Manager | VanEck).

Predictions and Timelines

Several analysts predict Bitcoin will hit $100,000 by the end of 2024. Standard Chartered Bank’s updated forecast even suggests a potential rise to $150,000 by year-end, driven by stronger-than-expected early-year performance (CoinMarketCap). The Motley Fool also sees $100,000 as a realistic target for 2024, emphasizing the impact of supply reduction and increased demand (Cointelegraph).

Popular crypto analyst PlanB, known for the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model, also predicts that Bitcoin could reach $100,000 between late 2024 and early 2025. This model has been relatively accurate in predicting Bitcoin’s price movements by considering the scarcity and issuance rate of Bitcoin (CoinDesk).

Factors contributing to these optimistic forecasts include the increasing adoption of Bitcoin by institutional investors, advancements in blockchain technology, and growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies as legitimate assets. The launch of Bitcoin ETFs has opened new avenues for institutional money to flow into the market, adding to the buying pressure (Cointelegraph) (CoinMarketCap).

Should You Accumulate Bitcoin Now?

Given the anticipated supply constraints and growing institutional interest, accumulating Bitcoin now could be advantageous. The upcoming halving and the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs are strong bullish indicators. However, market volatility remains a factor, so it’s essential to stay informed and consider your risk tolerance.

While the current price of Bitcoin might seem high, historical data suggests that buying before the halving events has generally proven to be profitable in the long term. For example, those who bought Bitcoin before the 2020 halving saw significant returns within the following year. However, it’s crucial to approach this investment with caution and to diversify your portfolio to mitigate risks (CoinDesk) (CoinMarketCap).

For those looking to accumulate Bitcoin, dollar-cost averaging (DCA) might be a prudent strategy. This approach involves buying a fixed dollar amount of Bitcoin at regular intervals, regardless of the price. This method can help reduce the impact of volatility and lower the average cost per Bitcoin over time.


While no prediction is certain, the confluence of historical trends, upcoming halvings, and increased institutional interest suggests a strong case for Bitcoin reaching $100,000 in 2024. If you’re considering investing, now might be an opportune time to start accumulating Bitcoin, keeping in mind the inherent risks and market dynamics.

Stay informed and make decisions aligned with your financial goals and risk tolerance. The next few years could be pivotal for Bitcoin, and staying ahead of the curve could prove beneficial for long-term investors.


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