Crypto Bulls and Ether ETF Approval: Too Far, Too Quick?

By Rob - Cryptocurrency Copywriter

The anticipation surrounding the approval of Ethereum (ETH) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) has stirred significant optimism among crypto bulls. This excitement is rooted in the belief that approval by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could drive substantial price increases for Ether. However, some analysts caution that this optimism may be premature. Let’s dive into why the bulls are so optimistic and whether their enthusiasm might be a bit overextended.

The Source of Optimism

  1. Recent Precedents: The approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs in January 2024 has set a positive precedent. This decision boosted Bitcoin’s price and created a wave of optimism for similar approvals for Ethereum. Crypto bulls argue that since the SEC approved Bitcoin ETFs, Ether ETFs should logically follow. Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas has suggested that Ether ETFs are “tied to the hip of Bitcoin spot ETFs” and are likely to follow suit ( (Cointelegraph).
  2. Market Potential: The approval of Ether ETFs could potentially open the floodgates for institutional investment. This influx of capital is expected to drive up Ether’s price significantly. Analysts at Cointelegraph noted that the approval of Bitcoin ETFs brought greater legitimacy and investment into the market, and similar effects are anticipated for Ethereum (CoinDesk).
  3. Regulatory Developments: The SEC has previously approved Ether futures ETFs, implicitly recognizing Ether as a commodity. This precedent gives bulls confidence that spot Ether ETFs will also gain approval. Analysts believe that the SEC’s ongoing deliberations will culminate in a favorable decision by the May 23 deadline for several applications, including those from VanEck and Ark Invest (Blockworks) (Cointelegraph).

The Bearish Perspective

  1. Regulatory Uncertainty: Despite the optimism, there are significant regulatory hurdles. The SEC’s historical ambiguity regarding Ether’s classification as a security or commodity creates uncertainty. This ambiguity could delay or even derail the approval process. SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s comments have not been entirely supportive of extending Bitcoin ETF approvals to other cryptocurrencies, adding to the uncertainty (
  2. Market Readiness: Some industry insiders argue that the market may not be ready for Ether ETFs. The complexity of Ethereum’s proof-of-stake mechanism and the technical and operational challenges associated with staking Ether could complicate the approval process. Gemini COO Marshall Beard suggested that it might take another six to nine months before the SEC is ready to greenlight these ETFs (Blockworks).
  3. Subpoena Concerns: Reports of the SEC subpoenaing companies associated with the Ethereum Foundation have added another layer of complexity. While this does not directly impact the ETF approval process, it underscores the ongoing regulatory scrutiny that could influence the SEC’s decision-making (Blockworks).

Are Bulls Overreaching?

Given the current market dynamics and regulatory environment, the bullish optimism for Ether ETFs might be a bit ahead of itself. While there is a strong precedent and significant market potential, the regulatory landscape remains fraught with uncertainties that could delay the approval process.


The optimism among crypto bulls regarding Ether ETF approval is grounded in the significant market potential and the positive precedent set by Bitcoin ETF approvals. However, the regulatory uncertainties and technical complexities surrounding Ether ETFs suggest that this optimism might be slightly overextended. As the May 23 deadline approaches, the crypto community will be watching closely to see if the bulls’ optimism is validated or if they have indeed gone “too far, too quick.”

For those looking to invest, it is crucial to stay informed and be prepared for potential volatility in the market. As always, a balanced approach to investment, considering both the bullish and bearish perspectives, will be essential in navigating the uncertain waters of crypto ETFs.


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